With Child Birthing Classes..Guidance & Skills for Peaceful Birthing

The keys to a satisfying birth are realistic childbirth education, effective pain relief skills, and dependable labor support.  With decades of experience, first as a nurse, later as a certified childbirth educator (Lamaze International) and birth doula (DONA International), I’ve had the honor of preparing and attending hundreds of families during birth.  My private classes are taught in the comfort of your home.  They highlight six care practices for healthy birth along with practical pain relief skills.  In-home classes are a fantastic option for everyone… busy parents, those planning a completely natural birth, women planning to have a medicated labor, women desiring VBAC, or those who are dealing with anxiety and/or depression.   Learn to meet both the normal and unexpected challenges of birth!

Childbirth Education...is valuable, effective and worth your time!  It’s just impossible to download a good birth!  Labor is hard work, it hurts, and you can do it!   With Child Birthing Classes are scheduled conveniently in your home when you are rested, relaxed, and ready to learn.    Private classes are a great option for almost everyone!







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