Holding a positive vision is important when planning the birth of your baby, but keeping that vision may be hard to do when normal pregnancy fatigue or unexpected obstacles get in the way. Perhaps you’re wondering if doula support would have made a difference in your first birth experience? Or, this time you may want to have a healing vaginal birth after Cesarean (VBAC).  Maybe a history of anxiety or depression is limiting your hopes for a fulfilling birth?  And, if this is your first pregnancy you may be unsure about the right choices for your family.  Don’t give up on your birth dreams! With education, determination, and my support you can build strength, courage, and  skills for a satisfying birth.

Speaking of childbirth education…it’s valuable &  important!  While working as a nurse I realized that well prepared women with dependable labor support had more strength for the hard work of labor. With Child Doula Service was “born” in 1997 via those beautiful birth experiences, first in southern NH, now in Seacoast NH/MA and southern ME. I became certified as a birth doula in 1998 through DONA International www.dona.org and I attend births in Dover, Portsmouth & Exeter NH; York & Biddeford ME; and Newburyport, MA.

As a certified childbirth educator with over twenty-five years of teaching experience in hospitals, HMOs, and birth-centers, I’m happy to provide private classes and birth-planning sessions scheduled conveniently at your home (with or without doula service). Private classes are a great option for families with scheduling conflicts!






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