With a deep faith in God, I believe in the healing powers of prayer, support, and encouragement.  Whether parents are planning a natural birth, HypnoBirth, VBAC, or a birth with necessary medical interventions, I teach With Child Birthing Classes with kindness and respect.  I’m comfortable and experienced working with women suffering from anxiety, depression, previous trauma, or severe fear of childbirth.  Whatever your needs, I will teach techniques to decrease pain and help you carry on through the long hours of labor.  I will assist you and your partner to develop birth-plans that convey your wishes in a meaningful, respectful way.   In the weeks and months following birth, I can help with breastfeeding concerns and provide referrals to postpartum doulas, lactation consultants, and mothers’ groups.  Educating and supporting hundreds of families for a variety of birth experiences has taught me to honor the intuition of each client…….Beyond the goals of health, safety, and physical-emotional support….I hold no personal birth agendas.

I am a founding member of the Seacoast Doula Group (2004) www.seacoastdoula.com  with certifications from DONA International as a birth doula (1998), Lamaze International as a childbirth educator (1986), and the Hypnobirthing Institute (2001).  I also serve as Co-Leader of Seacoast ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network) located in Dover, NH.  In addition to my previous work as a birth doula serving seacoast women, I coordinated the Connecting Young Moms Volunteer Doula Program (for teen and young mothers) at Beverly Hospital in Beverly, MA from 2004-2016.  My husband and I moved to York, Maine in 2003 after raising our son and daughter in southern New Hampshire.





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